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The Comfort Snaffle Wide Barrel mouthpiece featured on the Myler Loose Ring MB 02 Comfort Snaffle Bit is the Myler alternative to the traditional three-piece mouthpiece commonly used in snaffle bits. When the reins are engaged, the mouthpiece rotates fully onto the horse's tongue in order to apply the necessary tongue pressure to teach a horse to give to the bit or break at the poll.

Key Features

  • Traditional Loose Ring Cheek Piece
  • Copper Inlay on Inside of Bars to Encourage Salivation
  • 7/16" Bars Shaped in Pronounced Curve to Allow Comfortable Swallowing
  • Stainless Steel - No Rust!
  • USEF, FEI, & USEA Legal
  • Level 1 Myler bit

Independent Side Movement:

The barrel at the center of the mouthpiece is not a roller, but rather a bushing that allows each side of the bit to move independently of the other. When the rider engages one rein on a traditional bit, the entire mouthpiece moves, creating a confusing signal for the horse. In comparison, when the rider engages one fixed rein using a Myler bit with ISM, the rider lifts only one side of the bit, giving a very clear, precise signal to the horse.

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