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Bio-Gest is a scientifically formulated fermentation blend specifically designed to promote efficient gut digestion of fibre and energy and improve absorption of vital nutrients, by enhancing the gut immune defence system and overall gut health.

In order for horses to get the most out of their feed, they must be able to efficiently digest and absorb the ingested nutrients. Bio-Gest contains natural Enzyme Complexes.

Enzyme Complexes:

A solid state fermentation natural enzyme complex that has been shown to digest energy (from fibre) and phosphorous more efficiently and an alpha amylase enzyme product to increase the hydrolysation and control the digestion of starch. This product increases butyrate production, thereby producing more ATP and thus energy for the cells, leading to better development of the gut villi and therefore improved absorption and lowering the risk of hindgut acidosis.

Bio-Gest has the following benefits:

  • Optimises pH
  • Aids in the development of the intestinal villi structure
  • Aids digestion and absorption of energy and fibre
  • Controls sub-clinical acidosis
  • Reduces pathogens within the gut
  • Enhances local gut immunity
  • Provides essential building blocks for gut tissue repair
  • Effective for foal scours/diarrhoea


Live yeast cultures, mannan oligosaccharides (MOS), fermentation natural enzyme complex, alpha amylase, proprietary nucleotides, glutamic acid, inositol, amino acids and peptides, gastric and hindgut buffer.


Feed Recommendations:

  • Adult horses: 30g per day
  • Foals: 10g - 15g per day

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