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The Equilibrium Massage Pad was created in 2007 to help treat a successful ex-racehorse suffering from chronic back pain and sensitivity. Following combined treatment with the Equilibrium Magnetic Back Pad, the horse made a full recovery and went on to pursue a new career – in Endurance!

How does the Massage Pad work?

The Equilibrium Massage Pad has three different settings – high, medium and low. The various settings can easily be selected easily from the attached controller. This enables you to select the intensity of the program to suit your horse.

Each program has three different types of massage – pulsing, vibration and stroking. The three types of massage ensures all muscles are worked in different ways – optimising effective treatments.

The Equilibrium Massage Pad can be easily incorporated into your warming up and cooling down routine.

The medium setting is ideal to warm up muscles before exercise, the low setting can be used to cool down after work and the high setting helps alleviate back problems when your horse requires a more intense massage.

Each session will last for 30 minutes however, this can be manually stopped at any time.

The massage pad fits an array of horses and ponies and can easily be transferred from horse to horse or pony.

Comes complete with a handy carry bag fitted with useful storage spots for the battery and charger.

It can be used on its own or in conjunction with the hand-held Equilibrium Massage Mitt for an all over massage.

When to use massage therapy:

  • Horses on box rest to promote blood flow.
  • After exercise to help with toxin removal.
  • Before exercise as part of warm up.
  • At a show to help recover from travelling.
  • On your horse’s day off as part of a maintenance programme.
  • To help alleviate back problems.
  • Anytime as a rewarding treatment.

Benefits of massage:

Massage therapy has shown to help reduce back stiffness caused by injury and long-term chronic conditions such as arthritis. It does this by increasing the blood supply to the affected muscles and removing the build-up of toxins.
Tension is often one of the most common reasons for poor performance and by increasing relaxation and improving back flexibility the negative effects of tension can be reduced. Relaxed muscles can help assist flexibility and movement, important factors in the performance of competition horses performing dressage movements and jumping technical fences.

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