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 Equisupreme Muscle BCAA powder is a nutritional aid to assist recovery after intense exercise

The branched chain amino acids Valine, Leucine and Isoleucine make up one third of all muscle proteins. These amino acids, especially Valine, are used for the maintenance of muscle tissue and they are believed to assist in preserving muscle glycogen levels. Supplementing with BCAA Powder after exercise helps replace these losses and optimise muscle repair, maximising muscle building.

The BCAAs, particularly Leucine, also seem to spare muscle from being broken down to provide energy during exercise, so pre-competition administration of BCAA may be useful in preserving muscle tissue.

Conditioning horses for hard competition requires hard workouts. By introducing BCAAs into the training programme, their use before and after training provides the level of BCAAs required without breaking down excess muscle tissue, and without requiring long recovery periods.

The amino acid Glutamine also promotes muscle growth, and is also vital as a fuel for white blood cells, so reduced Glutamine levels can contribute to immune suppression after exercise. By supplementing Glutamine, both immune status and muscle health are supported under the stress of heavy work.

Recommended Use:

Administer 70 - 140 grams daily, mixed into the horse's feed.
If necessary, feed with a small amount of molasses.

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