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The Toklat Woolback Saddle Pad is our most popular style of pad and easily accommodates a wide variety of saddle styles!

Constructed from Woolback® virgin knit-wool fleece, this material is resilient, durable pile material offers superior moisture wicking and heat dispersal with high breathe-ability, concussion protection, and comfort. Woolback fleece is natural white in colour.

Key Features

  • 100% Woolback Fleece
  • Contoured Topline
  • Brown Suede Wear Leathers
  • Girth/Cinch Straps
  • Non-slip and Moisture Wicking

Care Suggestions

Machine wash with horse shampoo and cool water on gentle cycle and hang to air dry (no direct sun) or tumble/fluff dry (no heat). 


  • Natural - Virgin wool fibers provide comfort for your horse - wool is considered by the medical profession to be hypoallergenic.
  • Absorbent - Actually absorbs and wicks away moisture. Keeps your horse's back moist but not wet.
  •  Breathes - Wool is very porous which allows for continuous air circulation and release of moisture during use.
  • Does Not Slip - Has minute “barbs” that grip the hair to keep the saddle from slipping.
  • Tough - Natural resiliency reduces wear and provides years of soft, cushioned protection for your horse.
  • Looks Great - The unique structure of the fibers resists dirt penetration.

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